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Proof that microbes cause disease

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Fungus is known as the first microorganisms to be recognized as a contagious infection,as it caused the disease affecting silkworm.In 1847 childbed fever was most frequent while delivering babies.And he started forcing doctors under his supervision to wash their hands before touching patients.And hence this proved that microbes caused diseases and which led to the major contributions.
Louis Pasteur in1857 proposed "germ theory"of disease.
Joseph Lister introduced antiseptics in surgery.He introduced the method to spray carbolic acid on surgical instruments,wounds and dressings,and thus reduced surgical mortality due to bacterial infections.German bacteriologist cultivated anthrax bacteria using blood serum at body temperature,outside the body.On the basis of pasteur's "germ theory" he published "Koch's postulates".This postulates was known critical test for the involvement of a microorganisms in a disease
  1. In every case of the disease the agent must be present.
  2. The agent must be isolated and cultured in vitro.
  3. When a pure culture of the agent is inoculated into a susceptible host,the disease must be reproduced.
  4. And the agent must be recoverable from the infected host.
Which led to:
pure culture techniques and culture media


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