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Medicine discovered for scars from whale!

Monday, October 4, 2010


In human body skin is very sensitive,anytime we get a burn one of the greatest roadblocks to healing is infection.But now a new weapon is discovered to fight against the germs like MRSA,super-staph and other drug resistant bacteria.

In a trial man and beluga became the first test pstients a new kind of antimicrobial compound.John widgery is a fire-fighter.He became one of the first human patients to be treated th the compound after an explosion left him first and second degree burns on his arms and face.

Widgery said that when he stood up he thought his hair was in his face,he wiped his face and found out it was his skin that was hanging in his eyes and his moustache.They were gone.

But after 12 days of treatment with the experimental anti-microbials,the results were outstanding.Now his skin is back.

The same experimental compound to protect beluga whales from dangerous infections by a bioadhesive that makes the compound stay on underwater.

It’s was a disease fighting research for animals and people.The human anti-microbial Silvon has now received FDA marketing approval and is available to treat everything from skin cuts to burn injuries.

"I am not a person that cares what I look like,but I am so thankful that I don’t have those scars and I am thankful that I was part of it," Widgery said


dog flu

Many of us might wonder what the flu is and how it is caused?The flu is caused by the influenza virus that targets the respiratory tract.The flu is caused by the virus that binds to the surface of the cells and releases its genetic information into the body,infecting other cells.The flu weakens the immune system and may cause infections such as pneumonia.And for such virus antibiotics are not effective.

H1N1 is one of the flu which is treated and now is cured and precautions are available.But a virus named H3N8 is believed threatening the world.This virus is believed to have moved from horses to dogs,few years ago.It’s infection may cause pneumonia and other complications.Roughly 5 to 8 percent die from it.But now a vaccine is developed to prevent this disease.

This flu vaccine trigger’s the immune system response,it invades and produce the antibodies to it.
This vaccines are made by incubating the three strains of the virus expected to strike in a given year,then extracted and packaged.This vaciine was already discovered in 18th century.

Quit smoking vaccine discovered.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

anti smoking vaccine
Smoking is quite often in today’s world due to which many of today’s population are pushed to earlier death.But now researchers are underway to develop a new vaccine to quit smoking,for those who want quit it.Ar the University of Maryland’s center for Health Behaviour Research in College Park,which tests new therapies for overcoming addiction.

This Vaccine in general are designed to stimulate the body’s immune system by exposing it to a killed or weakened form of a virus.It bonds nicotine molecules before they can reach the target receptors in the brain,reducing the positive feedback in the form of released endorphins that users get from smokers.

This vaccine is not a magical that removes all desire to smoke.People must be motivated to quit.
A person who are habituated to smoke are affected both pshycholigically and physiologically,but when a person stops taking the substance regularly,he can experience physical symptoms of withdrawal.

The pshychological aspect of addiction compels someone to continue abusing a substance when it is clearly harmful to his health.Hennce,even when the physical addiction is broken psychological dependence can persist.The term dry drunk is a state that is most common in the early stages of addiction recovery.

Jellyfish can help in preventing terrorism now.


Different possible pathogens can use terrorists like Anthrax,plague and small pox against us.But according to a report published in September 2008,researches say jellyfish are helping prevent these kinds of attack.
Experts from public transportation to federal and government buildings are naming it likely targets of bioterrorism.Now,this innovate biosensor developed by scientists and engineers at Massachusetts of Technology Lincoln laboratory can identify harmful bacteria or viruses in the air in less than two minutes.
It is believed that it’s at least ten times faster than any other automated sensor that’s available,according to James Harper(Biochemist and engineer atMIT).
In the lab,Todd Rider first develoved the CANARY Sensor using jellyfish DNA and a high voltage electrical charge.
When Rider was inn the lab with the creator he had mouse cells and the jellyfish DNA and he frizzed his hair,said give me life and pressed the buttons and the jellyfish went inside the cells and had glowing mouse cells.
Hence the glowing cells revealed the presence of a targeted pathogen.But still scientists had no way to test air samples for pathogens until Harper created the PANTHER.
Scientists say the operation is as simple as losding the DVD player.Disks containing sixteen chamers are loaded into the PANTHER.The machine pulls air through the disk to collect and test any pathogen that might be in the air.
Alerting anyone who could be in harm’s way,the sensory goes off,if a dangerous pathogen is detected.
The CANARY technology can eventually be used for medical diagnostics to test patient samples,it may be used in food processing to identify contaminants like E.coli or Salmonella.

Anti-aging pill in the market now!

anti-aging pillThere is no stoppage for growing old.Time and tide waits for none,this adage is now being refuted as a new drug is being touted as an anti-frailty pill.It is natural for our bodies to weaken and become frail,but the natural progression can limit physical activities in the elderly,as we age.

As we age or grow older we lose muscle mass,mainly in the arms and legs.According to endocrinologists it can limit the activities for seniors and cause frailty.

But the worry seems to end for many of us as a new drug called MK-677 has been shown to increase 20 percent of the lost muscle mass that occurs between mid puberty and age 70—a significant boost in muscle.
According to a endocrinologist at the university of Virginia,the average loss of muscle is about 6 kilograms.
The changes in the body composition made the Doctors to invent this pill says Dr.Thorner (Endocrinologist in the university of Virginia).He also said that this pill now will make people independent for longer.

Some of the users like Gwailtney said that,before its use,he’d be able to take care of the yard and drive the car,and most importantly he’d continue to train his dogs
Now he has used it and felt its effect.
Now he says thst he felt like was he did have improvement in his strength as far as getting out of a chair,walking and so forth.

Researchers are hopeful the drug will go on to larger clinical trials for FDA approval.No serious side effects from the drug were reported.

Discovery of new type of prehistoric human from child’s finger.

Friday, October 1, 2010

prehistoriv human

From a child’s pinky finger found in a central Asian cave,a new type of prehistoric human has been discovered.

A geneticist at the university of Manchester in the U.K.,Terry Brown said that they had no inkling that this thing existed.That in itself was a remarkable discovery.This is the first time that a new human species has been identified solely on the basis of DNA.

Unknown to the present science this new human discovery implies that there was a wave of human migration out of Africa,the birthplace of human.

The fossilized pinky bone was discovered in a cave called Denisova an the Altay mountains of southern Serbia,Russia.Experts involved in the discovery can’t if it was a boy or girl though the pinky’s owner has been dubbed X-woman.It is thought that this pinky bone is of child between 5 to 7 years.

DNA extracted from the fossil reavels that it is significantly different from the DNA of modern humans.But so far only mtDNA has been extracted,mtDNA contains less information than nuclear DNA that contains most of a body’s genetic information.mtDNA of the child was much easier to read as there are several thousand copies of mtDNA per cell.

The study of child’s mtDNA suggests that hominid belonged to a species that last shared a common ancestor with Neanderthals and modern humans about a million years ago.
A new type of human is thought to be appeared,but X-woman is truly a new species.
The different criteria to determine the distinct species are inability to interbreed,genetic dissimilarityand anatomical variation.But it’s impossible to determine whether any of these criteria apply to the Denisova child based solely on mtDNA.

For this reason,study co-leaders are planning to harvest nuclear DNA from the fossil for analysis.Untill they are refusing to call X-woman a new species.

It may be possible to one day to reconstruct the Denisova child’s fearures from its DNA,but that’s a long way in the future,Green said,who did not participate in the research.


Thursday, September 30, 2010


Messsenger RNA (mRNA)of sequence of four different bases of nucleotides.A triplet of three bases is called a codon that encodes a specific amino acid.The sequence of these triplets specifies a specific sequence of amino acids in the polypeptide synthesized from it ,which is known as genetic code.In other words, the genetic code is the correspondence of codons (code words)to definite amino acids.Since there are four different bases,the number of sequence of three of them is 4^3 or 64.The genetic code exhibits the following features.

The code is universal,that is all prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms use same codons to specify each amino acid.
More than one codon can code for same amino acid.Therefore genetic code is said to be degenerative.
Genetic code is nonoverlapping,that is adjacent codons do not overlap.
Out of 64 possible triplet codons,one is start codon(AUG)and three are nonsense or stop codon(UAA,UAG,UGA).

Sense codons and non-sense codons

The codon which specify a particular amino acid is known as sense codon.
Out of 64 codons,61 are sense codon.
Sense codon can be read by t-RNA.
Sense codon(especially AUG)is responsible for initiation of translation and elongation of amino acid sequence.

The codon which do not correspond to any amino acid is known as non sense codon.
The three non sense codons are UAA,UAG and UGA.
Non sense codon cannot be read by t-RNA.
Non sense codons are responsible for termination of translation.