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Quit smoking vaccine discovered.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

anti smoking vaccine
Smoking is quite often in today’s world due to which many of today’s population are pushed to earlier death.But now researchers are underway to develop a new vaccine to quit smoking,for those who want quit it.Ar the University of Maryland’s center for Health Behaviour Research in College Park,which tests new therapies for overcoming addiction.

This Vaccine in general are designed to stimulate the body’s immune system by exposing it to a killed or weakened form of a virus.It bonds nicotine molecules before they can reach the target receptors in the brain,reducing the positive feedback in the form of released endorphins that users get from smokers.

This vaccine is not a magical that removes all desire to smoke.People must be motivated to quit.
A person who are habituated to smoke are affected both pshycholigically and physiologically,but when a person stops taking the substance regularly,he can experience physical symptoms of withdrawal.

The pshychological aspect of addiction compels someone to continue abusing a substance when it is clearly harmful to his health.Hennce,even when the physical addiction is broken psychological dependence can persist.The term dry drunk is a state that is most common in the early stages of addiction recovery.


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