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Monday, October 4, 2010

dog flu

Many of us might wonder what the flu is and how it is caused?The flu is caused by the influenza virus that targets the respiratory tract.The flu is caused by the virus that binds to the surface of the cells and releases its genetic information into the body,infecting other cells.The flu weakens the immune system and may cause infections such as pneumonia.And for such virus antibiotics are not effective.

H1N1 is one of the flu which is treated and now is cured and precautions are available.But a virus named H3N8 is believed threatening the world.This virus is believed to have moved from horses to dogs,few years ago.It’s infection may cause pneumonia and other complications.Roughly 5 to 8 percent die from it.But now a vaccine is developed to prevent this disease.

This flu vaccine trigger’s the immune system response,it invades and produce the antibodies to it.
This vaccines are made by incubating the three strains of the virus expected to strike in a given year,then extracted and packaged.This vaciine was already discovered in 18th century.


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