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Jellyfish can help in preventing terrorism now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Different possible pathogens can use terrorists like Anthrax,plague and small pox against us.But according to a report published in September 2008,researches say jellyfish are helping prevent these kinds of attack.
Experts from public transportation to federal and government buildings are naming it likely targets of bioterrorism.Now,this innovate biosensor developed by scientists and engineers at Massachusetts of Technology Lincoln laboratory can identify harmful bacteria or viruses in the air in less than two minutes.
It is believed that it’s at least ten times faster than any other automated sensor that’s available,according to James Harper(Biochemist and engineer atMIT).
In the lab,Todd Rider first develoved the CANARY Sensor using jellyfish DNA and a high voltage electrical charge.
When Rider was inn the lab with the creator he had mouse cells and the jellyfish DNA and he frizzed his hair,said give me life and pressed the buttons and the jellyfish went inside the cells and had glowing mouse cells.
Hence the glowing cells revealed the presence of a targeted pathogen.But still scientists had no way to test air samples for pathogens until Harper created the PANTHER.
Scientists say the operation is as simple as losding the DVD player.Disks containing sixteen chamers are loaded into the PANTHER.The machine pulls air through the disk to collect and test any pathogen that might be in the air.
Alerting anyone who could be in harm’s way,the sensory goes off,if a dangerous pathogen is detected.
The CANARY technology can eventually be used for medical diagnostics to test patient samples,it may be used in food processing to identify contaminants like E.coli or Salmonella.


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