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Medicine discovered for scars from whale!

Monday, October 4, 2010


In human body skin is very sensitive,anytime we get a burn one of the greatest roadblocks to healing is infection.But now a new weapon is discovered to fight against the germs like MRSA,super-staph and other drug resistant bacteria.

In a trial man and beluga became the first test pstients a new kind of antimicrobial compound.John widgery is a fire-fighter.He became one of the first human patients to be treated th the compound after an explosion left him first and second degree burns on his arms and face.

Widgery said that when he stood up he thought his hair was in his face,he wiped his face and found out it was his skin that was hanging in his eyes and his moustache.They were gone.

But after 12 days of treatment with the experimental anti-microbials,the results were outstanding.Now his skin is back.

The same experimental compound to protect beluga whales from dangerous infections by a bioadhesive that makes the compound stay on underwater.

It’s was a disease fighting research for animals and people.The human anti-microbial Silvon has now received FDA marketing approval and is available to treat everything from skin cuts to burn injuries.

"I am not a person that cares what I look like,but I am so thankful that I don’t have those scars and I am thankful that I was part of it," Widgery said


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